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Since 2004 Emiel Denys participates every year in the Thailand One Loft race.

In 2004 he won 4.position.

In 2006 he won the PRINCESS CUP from Chiangmai-586 KM

In 2007 he wins the 3.position from UTARADIT 430 KM.


Emiel Denys receives his trophies:one for AS FANCIER and one for his 3rd position in UTARADIT-race 2007 from MR. PERMSAK SINGHSOMBOON,the chairman of the FCI THAILAND WORLD   CHAMPIONSHIP 2007


The pigeons were liberatedat 7.10 AM and faced quite foggy weather during the first 2 hours of the race,later they had a side wind. At the time they were arriving the temperature was 33 C°.

2 pigeons dropped together:the one from EMIEL DENYS and one from GEHRKEN Germany,they did not enter immediatly and a 3rd pigeon arrived as well and dropped very quuickly and beat the 2 others.


EMIEL DENYS pigeon B07-3007025 finished on the 3rd position at a velocity of 1082,6 meter. It was a DC-hen a typical Denys-pigeon.


She was bred from "WITPEN LIBELLE" B06/3006271 a direct son of "LIBELLE" 3100464/00 1st International San Sebastian 2002-2549 birds. 

The dam was B00-3100261 a daughter of the famous racing and breeding hen "GODIVA"98/3288477 she won herself 31.National Narbonne 8204 yearlings in 1999.

She is dam of "Pearl St.Vincent" 7.International St.Vincent Yearlings 2004 and also from 77.International ST.Vincent 7515 birds 2007.

"GODIVA" is a daughter of "KLEINE TEE" 7.International Barcelona 1997. "Godiva" was paired to "Bartoli",a full brother to "EXPRESS BARCELONA" 12.National Barcelona 1999;




EMIEL also was awarded with the  big trophy for "AS FANCIER"for the best average in TOP 10 in the difficult One-loft race in  Thailand.He was very proud on this last trophy. The DENYS-pigeons seem to be very suitable for the hot Thailand weather conditions. 












4.FCI-race ASIA PACIFIC RACE   2004 - 586 KM

1.FCI-race CATALUNYA SPAIN     2005 - 450 KM




           On December the 9th the well-known international classic ASIA PACIFIC RACE was held in Thailand.In 2006 there were 1772 inscriptions from nearly all pigeon countries of the world, included Australia.For the final race from CHIANGMAI 586 KM there were still 803 competitors liberated at 6.50 AM on December the 9th.The pigeons are liberated when the sun just starts rising so that at this time the air is still fresh;


The first 300 KM the pigeons have to over fly a mountainous area and the temperature varies between 32C° and 36C°.Humidity 80 0/0.It is a hard route for these young birds.

On the first day, only 24 arrivals were registered.

As there are only 30 prizes,6 more had to be registered the next morning.


The “KINGS CUP” is won by the overall winner a Thai-pigeon by Tanapong-Sutida.

The” PRINCESS CUP” is won by the first foreign pigeon, this time it was won by the little BC hen 06-3006104 by EMIEL DENYS at a velocity of 1039,47 meter per minute..


Only 11 Pigeons reached the lofts,located on the office of the Thai Homing Pigeon Association ,at a velocity over 1000 meter /minute.


The winning hen is a direct daughter of :


      “BLACK BOY” 3100860/00              “DAUGHTER WITKOP”3203561/03:



They are already the parents of:

1st FCI-Race Catalunya Spain 2005-450 KM

1st FC ST.VINCENT yearlings 2006-13rd International-880 KM

The “Black Boy 860”is also grandfather, with a different hen, of

1st Tulle-Televie 2006-2118 yearlings.


The “Black Boy 860”is a direct son of the “SCHONE ZWARTEN” 4499329/90 one of the basic birds of the actual Denys-loft.

The winning hen is a direct daughter of the Golden Pair:


The “Daughter Witkop 561/03” is a direct daughter of “WITKOP 95”, an excellent long distance star and grandson of the famous “5 X 3”.He was than paired to a daughter from that other Golden Pair:”ADONIS 93 X SIGNORITA 91”

The late Jules Gallez wrote once:”Emiel Denys ,the fancier that won everything that could be won in the pigeon sport”.


Now Emiel says:he never expected to be able to win the PRINCESS CUP in Bangkok.

It was just like a fairy tale for him.,and he enjoyed it very much.



On the night of Dec.11th  the Fare-well ceremony was held in the luxuous Mountien Riverside Hotel:500 persons were attending this five star ceremony, amongst them many  high rank persons and also members from the Royal Family.

As we can see from the photos Emiel enjoyed the great honour that was offered to him.

Also the top ten pigeons from the race were sold by auction.There was a good buying competition from Taiwan, China, Philippines,Japan and the local Thai buyers.

One of the main attractions was of course the Princess Cup winner from Emiel Denys

It was a severe fight between a Chinese and a local buyer, and finally it was purchased by the family Buntham and will remain in Thailand.

In 2000 the family Buntham won the Kings Cup from 700 KM with a Denys-cock from the “Bliksem-line”,and they will now pair up the Princess Cupwinner, a hen, to this cock.

What a Royal Pair!!.



 Emiel Denys, a real ambassador of the Belgium pigeon fancy,has again added high value to the Belgium Racing pigeon by winning the Princess Cup, in one of the most prestigious races the ASIA PACIFIC RACE ,organised by the Thai Homing Pigeon Federation.




”I enjoyed this stay in Bangkok very much:it was like a dream .I would like to congratulate and thank all members of  the Thai Homing Pigeon Association for this wonderfull happening, and I hope to be able to attend again in 2007,because I know it will be a special event, as His Majesty the King of Thailand will celebrate his  80th birthday in 2007.

I would like to recommend the participation in the ASIA PACIFIC RACE 2007 to all our dear sportsfriends.It is an unique experience”


All info about the 2007-edition


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   PS:At the OLYMPIADE you can talk personally to Frans,

  and Virat the Secretary of the

Thai Homing PigeonAssociation, on standnr.1011A+1011B




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