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                                   EMIEL DENYS wins the 




















The FCI-Thailand Worldchampionships is one of the favourite one-loft races for the Emiel Denys’ pigeons.From the first participation in 2004 he had immediate success with a  4th position.In 2006 he won the precious PRINCESS CUP. He scored 4 times top in the last   5 editions. In 2007 he was awarded as “AS-FANCIER”in FCI-Thailand Worldchampionships.
























Also in 2009 he participated with a strong team: in the final race he had 12 pigeons left.

The racepoint was changed from Chiangmai to Nongkai, on the very hard and feared North East route .The pigeons have to cross the mountains immediately and there was also a lot of morning fog.During the day the temperature was 34-35 C° in Bangkok.

From the originally 2600 pigeons entered,1200 were left and participated in the final race, liberated at 7 AM.

The velocity of the 1st pigeon, a blue Thai-cock pigeon was 1006 meter a minute;

Emiel Denys’ first pigeon arrival was the B09-3009506, a typical DC hen she won the 12th position.She  is bred in the purple.


Father: B04-3004464 a superbreeder

Grandfather: WITNEUS B90/4499260 a son of the golden pair “PAU COUTTEAU X D.GEBROKEN POOT”)


He won 1st Fondclub Perpignan in 1994 in similar weather conditions.

Grandmother:WITPEN MIENTJE”B96/3306038 3 X TOP BARCELONA


A golden racing and breeding hen

Mother:BLACK GIRL 681 full sister to the PRINCESS CUP Winner.

Grandfather:BLACK BOY 00/3100860

Granddam:Daughter WITKOP B03/3203561














The 5 most important participating countries had gambled  EURO 1000 each, to put in the jackpot.Emiel Denys,head of the team, had gambled for Belgium. B09/3009506 was one of the pooled pigeons, and the first pooled arrival, so he won the JACKPOT.

The arrivals were very slow, only 41 pigeons reached the loft on the day.

Emiel Denys was the only fancier to clock 3 pigeons on the day: winning 12,27,28th

On the next morning an other 3 pigeons were clocked in good time winning 117,151,164 th.

So the success was complete, and the Denys-pigeons again confirmed to be very suitable and for one-loft racing and especially in the very hard  FCI Thailand Worldchampionships.





















Emiel Denys would like to thank the organizing committee for the very warm welcome to him and his group members. They will never forget the magnificent dinners and parties During the 2009-FCI-Thailand Worldchampionships.  It was once again a wonderful event in the “Land of the smile”   He also enjoyed meeting his friends from the Asian Pigeon Federation.





© ‘TJolyn Stefan