On Sunday March the 18th 2007 the winners of the 7th edition of Euro Diamond Pigeon were honoured in the beautiful Hotel-Restaurant “LODEWIJCK van MAELE”in the ancient city of Bruges.This high class long distance competition is on the international races :Pau, Barcelona,Dax, Carcassonne and Perpignan with 1st nominated pigeon.The Golden Euro Diamond pigeon winner 2006 is ANDRE COLBRANDT from Bottelare. He won with his 1st nominated pigeon:2nd National and 3rd International Carcassonne,and he called him now the “Carcassonne”.André had a fantastic season:he won  also 6.national Brive 9466 birds,13.National St;Vincent 4702 Yearlings and 150th National Barcelona.

In 2005 André won 1st National St;Vincent Yearlings. On each of the International races the first member of Euro Diamond Pigeon gets a Silver Euro Diamond. On PAU the winner was HERMAN CALON from HOLLAND.


                                            with “WITPEN ADONIS”

















On DAX :Annick and Marc MESSIAEN” from Anzegem with champion “PIPO”=1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Grote Fond KBDB 2007. .


On the final race of  PERPIGNAN:Dr. Hans-Peter BROCKAMP from Germany.They were also 2nd in Overall championship and  1st in the average championship over the last  2 years.

At first the winners were invited to make a sightseeing tour in Bruges in the boats on the fabulous “Rijen” followed by a visit to the Bruges City Hall.

They were transported in white limousines and champaign was served already in the early morning.The guide was FRANS VANWIILDEMEERSCH, the president of the Euro Diamond Pigeon.

At 12 AM a splendid reception started and was sponsored by Georges Van Maele. After the opening speech of the President, a delicious 5 course meal was served in the Hotel Lodewijck van Maele.

After the started the prizes for the best 3 years average were given to HOUFFLYN Patrick and Dimitri.The best average over 5 years, the most difficult one, was won by Ivan EECKHOUT from Ronse, beating the 86-year old famous star Roger VEREECKE.

During the meal there was excellent entertaining music.


At the end of the day GERMAIN VANDERMAES,the founder of the EURO DIAMOND PIGEON was very happy.Germain spends all his free time on EDP,and the response is great for this five star competition.We wish him continuing success for his initiative .Congratulations to all winners and to the organisors.We will support you continuously and hope to see you again on next celebration.               







© ’ T Jolyn Stefan