3rd national champion very long distance KBDB 2007

                                                         Emiel Denys from Tielt


Tekst : Johan Kempen

Edited : ‘T Jolyn Stefan

















Mr. Emiel Denys is very famous in international pigeon racing sport. He is famous as a businessman( has part in several pigeonmagazines in Belgium and Holland),  as a broker in pigeons and as a pigeon racer. He owns two racing and breeding lofts in Belgium: Emiel Denys in Tielt and Rebecca Denys in Zulte. Rebecca is the daughter of Emiel.


Emiel has had very good racing results in his career but 2007 must be considered as one of his best seasons ever. Winning the bronze medal in the important championship KBDB very long distance is big. Emiel will be proud on the podium in Ostend because his close friend Erik Devlaminck will be on silver place, he won is 2nd national champion KBDB very long distance. Erik Devlaminck is the man who helps Emiel on the loft  in Tielt.


Let me give two examples of races in 2007 of the strain Denys: Pau national 5 birds Denys in top 100 (28-40-42-86-92…national) and San Sebastian international 6 birds in top 100 (27-30-34-46-67-95….). Not many fanciers can do this in one year.

The history of a world famous strain


Emiel Denys Sr. started racing pigeons in 1920 on short distance because in those years there was no other choice in the West-Flanders. Systematically he aimed what higher and began participating in far middle distance competition. Better material was rounded up from the stock of masters Theo Vandevelde, Cattrysse, Devriendt and C. Van der Espt. Together with his sons Cyriel and Camiel, the family Denys bought one of the most famous Van de Velde pigeons of the region, namely the ‘Herkuul’ having belonged to Meyns from Roksem. This goes to show that this feature of wanting the best was and stays a real family feature. Then began World War II and all pigeons in the area were requisited by the Germans and taken away. After the War the Denys family looked for other material. In 1946, a late bred was bought from André Vanbruaene from Lauwe. This late-bred was later named ‘The Libourne’ and became sire of some basic birds like ‘Bulte’, ‘ Schotte’ (17th international San Sebastian 1953) and ‘Coppi’. Up to and including 1957 Emiel Denys Sr. raced under that name in the Mosselstraat 18 in Gistel. Then the colony moved to the Markt 15.


The family business in hides and in wool kept on growing and Cyriel became manager of a concern in plumes in Opwijk. As a result the family cards had to be rearranged. Cyriel, his father Emiel and his mother, moved to Opwijk. Camiel stayed for the business in Gistel and had to take care of the pigeons. New lofts were building at the new address Markt and the birds rehoused from Mosselstraat to Markt. The donation bought on the charity sale in ‘Union Gistel’ had to be traded in for a bird of the second round from the Moerse grandmasters Cattrysse. Camiel had on his footsteps, Mieltje his eldest son who was becoming a real pigeon fanatic and simply idolized the Brothers Cattrysse and André Vanbruaene. Mieltje, born in 1946 became the now famous Emiel Denys. The youngster chosen at the loft Cattrysse was ‘Sprinter 595/58’, became basic bird of Emiel. Emiel graduated in 1964 and in 1965 he became in charge of the whole Denys pigeons. As a 19-year old, he won 1st national Limoges in his first year as manager of the loft. The ‘Vechter’ (son of Sprinter X daughter Kaers) won on Limoges. Emiel did not think he had the best pigeons on his loft now, he wanted better. He went to Deschamps-Vanhasten from Lauwe and bought the 11-year-old cock ‘REMI’. This cock was already old but proved to be an important basic cock. In 1969 Emiel won his second national race. He won it on St.-Vincent with Bliksem 381/66.A daughter of this cock was matched to his famous ‘TEE’ (I will tell the story of TEE later) and ‘Playboy’. Playboy won 2nd national Barcelona in 1986 and Golden Wing (the most important trophy on Barcelona in Belgium). In 1970 Emiel won 1st national Cahors! On the 4th of October 1969, Emiel was married and moved to Zulte. There the Denys’ family bought the ‘Wolfabriek van Vlaanderen’, the famous factory in wool. The attics on the old vinegar factory situated behind the new residence were transformed into new lofts. A few latebreds of 1969 were the first pigeons on the new lofts. In 1970 and 1971, when the lofts of the young pigeons in Gistel were fully occupied, practically all the young pigeons from the third round came to Zulte. Emiel Sr. took care of the birds in Gistel until he passed away in 1971. So Emiel decided to keep things at a lower pace in Gistel and concentrated on his new lofts in Zulte. In the meantime, brother André was also married; the business was shared and so were the pigeons. They raced under the name Brothers Denys in Zulte. Gradually Emiel started to put his new team in Zulte together and in 1974 he had a miracle year. No one has ever achieved the many victories and championships in one year. Brothers Denys became 1st General Champion Belgium KBDB, 1st Ace pigeon long distance Belgium KBDB, 1st international Narbonne with the cock ‘Prins’, and 1st national St.-Vincent hens with ‘Bleekske’, 2nd national St.-Vincent hens and 3rd national St.-Vincent hens…. To do better in 1975 was impossible but Emiel won that year 2nd national Pau, 4th national Bordeaux, 4th General Champion Belgium KBDB, 7th Europe-cup. In 1977 father Camiel Denys passed away and all remaining birds in Gistel were sold in an auction. The chapter Gistel was closed. Also brother André stopped with pigeon racing and became a famous Belgium politician. Emiel raced under his own name in Zulte. In 1980 he was the first Belgium fancier to win the championship National Marathon for the second time.  Mostly the cock ‘TEE’ and the grandchildren of ‘Prins’ were excellent birds in the early 80’s. ‘The TEE is a bird one only have once in your lifetime’ says Emiel. If he says so it must be true and this bird must be very special. Well, he is the best Barcelona racer in history.

On this race TEE 4415211/76 won:

1979 national 6,602p-24th

         International 12,201p-46th

1980 national 6,660p-3rd

         International 13,636p-8th

1981 national 6,729p-69th

         International 13,202p-102nd

1982 national 8,351p-2nd

         International 15,605p-4th + Golden Wing!


He did not race after winning Golden Wing. Remember that his son Playboy won also Golden Wing. Emiel became first fancier to win Golden Wing two times!

During the late 80’s children and grandchildren of TEE won the best results but also from the hen 368/80 (strain REMI), which won two times in a row 1st national Limoges hens. In 1986, Emiel won the Golden Wing, 3rd Champion long distance Belgium KBDB and 1st national Limoges. Frank Denys, the son of Emiel, got interested in this sport and raced on the old lofts of Camiel, which were moved to Zulte. In 1988 Frank won 36th international Barcelona and 4th in the Golden Wing Championship. In the early 90’s Emiel wanted more rest in his busy life. He bought a house in Tielt and put some lofts behind it. For a few years he kept concentrating on the lofts in Zulte. The last racing season in Zulte he had super results on Barcelona and Perpignan. His basic cock ‘Schone Zwarten’ won 5th international Perpignan in Zulte. The birds of Tielt were ready to race now. In 1996 the success came with the European Cup, 1st West European Marathon, 9th Champion of Belgium KBDB. The loft in Zulte was still breeding loft, no racing loft. Son Frank was not interested in racing anymore but another member of the family got very interested. The 25-year-old daughter of Emiel, Rebecca is a lawyer. To relax from the daily work, she wanted to race pigeons. She races the birds in Zulte now, Emiel in Tielt. Emiel had two famous fanciers for helping on the loft. He has Marc Verschelde on the loft Zulte and Erik Devlaminck on the loft in Tielt. Two topfanciers and very famous in Belgium. Emiel  Denys and his strain of pigeons are  made for winning.


  Top birds championship KBDB       2007                            



Kleine Marseille 3203072/03

2006  Albi nat. 5063d-26

         Carcassonne nat. 3911d-99

2007 Irun nat. 5846d-147 (Championship  KBDB)

His father is  ‘Bush Junior 915/00’ a son of  ‘Witneus 260/90’(direct son  of golden pair ‘Pau Coutteau’ x ‘daughter Gebroken Poot’)  x ‘Lange duivin 128/90’ (inbred to  TEE). The mother  is ‘199/97’ , bred from  ‘Zwarten André 752/94’ (inbred to  TEE) X ‘Geschelpte Coutteau 463/95’ (direct Georges Coutteau)


Witpen Moor 3203707/03

2005 Cahors nat. 9275d-276

         Dax intern. 11.989d-1722

2007 Irun nat. 5252d-379(Championship KBDB)

The father is  ‘Moor 1’ or ‘816/98’ from  Geschelpte Parel (inbred TEE) x ‘Witpen Mientje 038/96’. She won  3 times on  Barcelona international and  is a daughter of  basic hen ‘Mientje NL1691059/89’. She was bought by Emiel on the auction of  Martin Boeijen, brother-in-law of  Gijs Dolleweerd from  Oss (NL). This ‘Mientje’ had excellent racing resuls with  15 prizes on very long distance. The father was  ‘Superkweker’ , a osn of  ‘Wondere Barcelona 925/82’ (8-7-52-130 national Barcelona in the 80’s). Bij Emiel werd ‘Mientje 059/89’ became mother of many top birds on the loft Denys. She is with no doubt the basic hen nr.1.

The mother  is ‘Bosduivin 887/99’ from golden pair ‘Pau –Coutteau’ x ‘daughter Gebroken Poot’. This cock  ‘Pau-Coutteau 220/89’ came direct from  Georges Coutteau . The hen  ‘daughter Gebroken Poot 322/89’ was a granddaughter of famous  TEE.


Zwarte Marseille 3101026/01

2002 St-Vincent  1533d-141

2004 Bordeaux nat. 7519d-977

         Marseille intern. 19627d-145

2005 Pau nat. 2212d-494

2006 Albi nat. 5063d-526

         Carcassonne intern. 10448d-538

2007 Pau nat. 2157d-187

         Irun nat. 5252d-469 (Championship KBDB)

The father  ,‘Geschelpte Schonen 916/98’, is a son of basic cock ‘Schone Zwarten 329/90’ (5de intern. Perpignan 1993) son of golden pair ‘Pau –Coutteau’ x ‘daughter Gebroken Poot’. The mother  ‘936/93’ is a daughter of famous  ‘5X3’(4133333/83)

Express 3203144/03

2006 Barcelona nat. 11.802d-337

2007 Barcelona nat. 12.612d-67(Championship KBDB)

The fathers is  ‘Express Barcelona 137/96’ from  ‘Grote Marseille’ x ‘Kraai 839/91’ (daughter golden pair  Pau –Coutteau’ x ‘daughter Gebroken Poot’. The mother  is ‘032/01’ , a direct daughter of  ‘Kleine TEE’ (7de intern. Barcelona) X ‘Jong Mientje 077/95’, on of the many breeding hens from  ‘Mientje’.


2005 San Sebastian intern. 2648d-161

2006 Carcassonne nat. 3911d-399

2007 S an Sebastian intern. 1963d-30

         Irun nat. 5846d-171 (Championship KBDB)

The father  is ‘515/99’ from the other basci pair ‘Adonis 777/93’ (Pau Coutteau x daughter Gebroken Vleugel) x ‘Signorita 744/91’(Late Prins TEE x dochter Marseille A. Vanbruaene)


Pootie 3202140/02

Barcelona 2005 national 12.998d-18

                          International 25.815d-40

Barcelona 2006 national 11.802d-1557 (1st nominated)

Barcelona 2007 national 12.612d-1639 (Championship KBDB)

The father  is ‘Broer donkere Pau 940/00’from  ‘Geschelpte Henri TEE’ (iinbred TEE) x daughter breeding pair ‘Adonis 777/93’x ‘Signorita744/91’. The mother  is ‘NL 734/96’ direct A & L van der Wegen from Steenbergen NL.


 EXPRESS 144   3203144/03

  Sire:EXPRESS BARCELONA 3306137/96

                   G.Sire:GROTE MARSEILLE 4574474/91

                   G.Dam: KRAAI 4446839/91 a daughter of the GOLDEN PAIR:

                   PAU COUTTEAU 3307220/89 X     D.GEBROKEN POOT 4465322/89

Dam:daughter KLEINE TEE 3101032/01

                  G.Sire:KLEINE TEE 3316198/94 7.INTERNAT.BARCELONA 1997-24908 D.

                  G.DAM:JONG.MIENTJE 3305077/95 Super breeding hen




    DEN 445   3203445/03

Sire:   DEN 515 3108515/99

                   G.Sire:ADONIS 4554777/93

                   G.Dam:SIGNORITA 4446744/91

Dam:DIKKE MATHILDE 3303924/98

                   G.SIRE:GESCHELPTE PAUL 4612041/86*

                   G.DAM:Daughter 5 X 3    4499291/90







Other top birds on the lofts Denys


Silver Ring 3203161/03

2004 : ST.VINCENT NAT. 10.624 D. - 57  

          ST.VINCENT NAT.ZONE A  3.711 D.  -16

          ST.VINCENT PROV. 1.946 D. -  7

2nd Ace pigeon on the two races  St-Vincent

2004 : ST.VINCENT INTERNAT.1.876 D. -  22        

          ST.VINCENT II FRANCO BELGE  951 D. - 15

2006 : SAN SEBASTIAN INTERNAT. 1.446 D. -  2  

2007 : SAN SEBASTIAN INTERNAT.  1.803 D.  -  34

          IRUN INTERNATIONAL 15.627 D. - 324  

          IRUN-NATIONAL   5.846 D.  - 186

This cock is top on the loft  Emiel Denys. The father  is ‘Broer Libelle 879/00’ . The sister ‘Libelle 310046/00’ (bred by Emiel Denys and raced by Rebecca Denys) won in 2002 1st international Olympic race from  San Sebastian. ‘Libelle’ won as youngster on Arras and Clermont. She won  107de international St-Vincent 3979 as a yearling and the international race as 2-year old. Now on the breeding loft. She is a daughter of   ‘Kleine Zwarte Adonis 3341287/94’(also father of  5de nat. Perpignan YL 2001, 8ste intern. St-Vincent hens 2001). He is a son of  ‘Adonis 777/93’, brother  5de intern. Perpignan 1993, X ‘Signorita 744/91’ (168ste nat. Barcelona 1993). Also grandparents of  6de national Barcelona 1999. The mother of  ‘Libelle’ is ‘Geschelpte Paul 750/99’, a sister of the mother of  6th national Barcelona 1999 and  5de national Marseille 1999. She is from   ‘Geschelpte Paul 041/86 X daughter  5X3,  a son of famous  TEE. Also grandparents of  5th  national Marseille 1999, 6th national Barcelona 1999 and  1st provincial St-Vincent 2002.

The mother of  ‘Silver Ring’ is ‘Dahlia 826/98’ ( won 2 times from  Barca) and is from  ‘Jonge dali 290/95’ X ‘Zwart Mientje 103/96’. She is the best hen from line ‘Mientje’. She won national prize on Narbonne as yearling but also 82nd  national Barcelona. A direct daughter of  ‘Witpen Adonis’ wins  17de national Barcelona in 2006 AND  ‘Zilveren Vleugel’.(Silver Wing Brugse Barcelona Club)

1st  Grand Prix Lotto 2007 on  Pau with 1-2 nominated birds national

Rebecca Denys wins this excellent prize donated by  Lotto Belgium on  Pau. The two birds wend  national. These hens are not old for the long distance but have won: ‘Schuwke St-Vincent’ (strain  Dali, Pau-Coutteau and  Grote Marseille) won  55th  intern. St-Vincent ’05, 213de nat. Pau ’06; ‘Witpen Pau’ (strain  Kleine TEE, Pau-Coutteau and BIBI Perpignan) won in 2006l 290th  national on  Pau.

De Pau-story 2007 was compleet with national prizes  28-86 en 92. Emiel beat his daughter with 28ste national. His cock  ‘3004200/04’ from strain ‘Black Panter’ (4th  national ace pigeon  Barcelona  1998-2002) x Vanessa ‘131/99’. The hens of the loft  Rebecca won the other prizes.  The hen  ‘Edellady St-Vincent 383/04’ won 86th  national. She is direct daughter of ‘Edelman 3100038/00’. This cocks  won ( Emiel Denys ) as a yearling from  St-Vincent Edelman’ is bred from  ‘Fijnen 3207076/97’ good racer bred from ‘331/95’ (strain  1st  national Bergerac Holland  X daughter Pau Coutteau) X 328/95’daugther  Diamand’(12th intern. Perpignan hens 1993). The mother of  ‘Edelman’ is 3288448/98 ,daughter DALI. ‘Dali 612/93’ won 3 X top from  Barcelona and realized  Europa-Cup in 1996. ‘Dali’ is a son of  ‘Diamand’ x  ‘197/94’, sister of  7de intern. Barcelona 1997.

The 92ste national Pau won by  Rebecca Denys is the hen  ‘St-Vincent 418/05’ . She won 221st   international St-Vincent in 2006. She was bred from  ‘Zwarte TEE Dali’ x ‘Zus Astrid’ (van der Wegen x Bergerac)



The system on the loft Rebecca Denys is very simple. On this loft are only the hens raced never cocks. These hens are matched in the beginning of April and race Qieuvrain, Bouillon (2x) and Orleans. They cannot raise youngsters, only breeding. The hens race Tours (500 km) on the third time breeding. The old hens will have youngsters on the fourth nest. They are basketted on overnight race with  babies of 2-4 days. The yearling hens get a pair of babies (7-10 days) when they are breeding for the fourth time. Now these hens are basketted for  overnight race.

These method is also used in the other loft in Tielt for the hens. But Emiel races cocks on widowhood system on this loft too. These cocks are paired together with the stock birds on January 20th each year. The eggs of the breeders are put in the box of some widowers so Emiel can have more youngsters of the stock birds.

All the widowers can raise youngsters, old and yearlings. The partners of these widowers go to an aviary when the youngsters are about 12/15 days old. The cocks get diet mixture after the babies are put on another loft. They cannot fly out of the loft because they must get their racing weight. Training of the racing cocks starts one week before the tossing and the racing begins. They train for one hour in the evening. The morning training begins in May. Widowers only get the hen after racing. Old birds know this quickly but it will take some weeks before the yearling cocks know the system. These yearling cocks are raced the national St-Vincent I, the yearling hens on St-Vincent II. Widowers can breed twice after racing but no youngsters.

Youngsters of the first and second round are raced on the loft in Tielt. They are raced weekly upto 450-500 km , including national races Bourges and Argenton; The youngsters of 3rh and 4th round are raced on the loft in Zulte. These youngsters are raced weekly on speed races until September.

Emiel give the mixture of Versele-Laga. The cocks get diet in the morning and sport in the evening; each time one spoon. They get 100% sport mixture 3 days before basketting. All birds get tee on Monday. Vitamins and sedochol during the winter.                                                         


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