EMIEL DENYS won 2nd prize  FCI-RACE SPAIN 2009

                                               in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELLA  with B09/3009144



 Santiago de Compostela,

 situated in the northwest of Spain in the region of Galicia, has been a cultural and scientific meeting point since the middle age. The city was born from a legend: the discover in 813 A.D. of the sepulchre of St. James The Apostle who was behaded in 44 A.D. in Palestine. King Alfonso II visited the site and ordered a modest temple and monastery to be built, erecting the center around which the city later grew.


       On August the 8th was the final of the first FCI-one loft race of the season.The other 2 races are in FRITZLAR GERMANY on September the 5th and on September the 13rd in MORAHALOM, HUNGARY. It was the first time that the FCI race in Spain was held in the very famous place for roman catholic people SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA in Galicia.

Before it was always in Catalunya.I am under the impression that racing in Catalunya was more difficult.


On August the 8th the temperature was about 22 C° and there was a headwind.The pigeons were liberated at 8 AM in AVILA. Two pigeons came together and the pigeon from the Chinese fancier Huang Jian won 1st prize, beating the one from Emiel Denys by 1 second.Velocity 1116,051 meter per minute.Mr; Huang Jian also won 3rd prize.


EMIEL DENYS won 2nd prize with B09/3009144 , incidently the last 3 number "144" are like the ones from the famous Barcelonastar"EXPRESS 144"


The father of 3009144/09 is the "WITPEN KLEINE TEE"B01-3101719 a direct son of the well-known "KLEINE TEE" the mother is the "ZWART BLACK BOY" B06-3006728 a daughter of the GOLDEN PAIR "BLACK BOY 860" X DAUGHTER WITKOP B03-3203561

The same pair bred the "OLYMPIA"B07/3007674 winning 9.ST.VINCENT TELEVIE 2008 against 1973 Yearlings 880 KMS.


EMIEL DENYS also won 7th prize and 11th prize.

The 7th prize was purchased at the auction sale by DR.TERESO,International President FCI.

The father is a son,born 2003 of the basic pigeon the "GROTE MARSEILLE B91/4574474 X BIBI PERPIGNAN B95-3305200.

The mother is the 'Patrick-duivin"B06/3003030 a full sister 4.International Barcelona 2006 by Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene


The FCI-races in Spain were mostly very succesfull for the actual FCI-WORLDCHAMPION EMIEL DENYS :he won 1st in 2005

1st ACE PIGEON in 2008  2nd prize in 20082nd prize in 2009  2nd ACE PIGEON in 2007

3rd prize in 2008


After the outstanding success in the GRAN PRIX GASPAR VILA NOVA in MIRA,Portugal with 2nd and 3rd position,the first FCI-race in Spain was an other great record for EMIEL DENYS .

In each of this events the Belgium flag was kept very high.  More FCI news later…….


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