The Golden Wing Barcelona competition was founded in 1978 by reporter GERRY.

The first edition was won by NORMAN NORBERT and FILIP.

The Golden Wing competition had many very famous winners:

In 1980 the International Barcelona-winners :Gijselinck Robert and Son.

In 1982 and 1986 Emiel Denys  by champion“Tee” and his son the “Playboy”.

In 1984 the late Roger Florizoone, who won 1st National Barcelona in 1975 and 1999..

In 1985:the now 88-year old Georges Coutteau with his famous “50”.

In 1989: Yvon Deneufbourg, the Walloon superstar.

In 1990: by the late Gaby Deleersnijder.Gaby won also 1st National Barcelona 1988.

In 1991 and 2001:Leon Crowet.

In 1995:again International winners Gyselbrecht R.and Sons.

In 1999; E.and  S .T’ Jolijn with champion “Toreador”, a grandson of 1st International Barcelona 1984 of André Vanbruaene.

(PS:full list enclosed.)

The Golden Wing Barcelona was won 2 times by hens: in 2002 by a silver hen from Moureau Jean-Philippe and in 2005 by Frans Bungeneers, a superb lady of the strain of Cor de Heijde..

The 1983 Golden Wing was won by a yearling, owned by Remi Coudijzer from Waregem..

The 2006-winner Etienne Meirlaen, who had a fantastic long distance season in 2006, was won by a gallant cock with excellent record list,purchased from Antoine Vanhove, the president of the Bruges Barcelona Club.

The entry fee is still very low, for only  EURO 3,00 every Belgian fancier can compete with his 1st marked pigeon for  the Golden Wing Barcelona, the Silver Wing , and the Bronze Wing.,and there are  a total of 134 members getting prizemoney.

The last one still gets Euro 25,00.They all get a diploma.

In 2006 there were 1310 members : the “Silver Wing” was won by Rebecca Denys, with her wonderfull hen “Witpen Adonis”,featured on this website..

The Bronze Wing was won by Louis Van Paesschen from Humbeek,a 75-year old fantastic middle distance fancier:he won 11 provincial races since 1998.He participated for the first time at Barcelona in 2005 and got a good position, the same cock won with the 18th National Barcelona the Bronze Wing 2006 ..Louis will continue to participate with only 1 pigeon from Barcelona and his other team in the middle distance racing.  The ceremony of the first 28 editions was held in het “Boudewijnpark” in Brugge.


The last years there were many claims about the banquet, so the committee decided to move to the “Vossenberg” in Hooglede near to Roeselare.

The event started at 2 PM were a coffee was offered in the “Vossenberg”.Than the 3 Winners together with the main members of the committee stepped into 2 Cadillac-limousine cars to move to Bruges for a visit to this ancient city and a trip in  the boats on the well-known “Brugse Rijen”.The other guests moved by buses.The convoy was guided by motorised police  Champagne was served during the trip.

After this city trip,the convoy returned to his base :the “Vossenberg”.

There started the “aperitif”,in a really splendid way:Champagne again and hot snacks.

At 7.30 PM we all moved to our seats and a delicious meal was served.

There the guests were really spoilt and  praised the cook and his staff for the excellent treatment.The ceremony was the most impressive we ever attended.

In no other competition the winners are so well honoured.A Golden Wing winner will never forget the ceremony:it will be a happy memory for the rest of his live.

In name of all winners I would like to congratulate the Brugse Barcelona Club with the 29th Golden Wing Barcelona-ceremony and thank the staff of the “Vossenberg”. We are all looking forward to the 30th edition in 2007.                        







© ‘T Jolijn S.