Pigeon Olympiad Dortmund 2009
























                             The stand Emiel Denys with Judy,chinese secretary and Ginette & Frank Denys


















                             Frank Denys,Judy,, Emiel Denys ,Ginette,

                                  And Estevan Bardos  President of the Hungarian pigeon federation  


                                    Topracers from FCI Worldchampionschip 






















                           Frank Denys,Judy,, Emiel Denys NR.1,Ginette, Signor Romero,Toni Deigner

                       Germany NR.2,Signor Montoya Worldchampion, Montoya Jr,Signor Santa Cruz NR.1 in Catalunya


                                                 FCI-RACE CATALUNYA 2008






















                              Germany President,,Ginette Nr;3, Emiel Nr;2,and Santa Cruz NR.1,Dr;Tereso,president 

                                     FCIand secretary Martha Vangeel


                                                Prizedistribution FCI HUNGARIA 2008













































                             The stand of Emiel Denys was visitied by Daniel Krajcik (middle)editor of POTOVY HOLUB van Slowakije.





                               MIRA 2009 News           



                              Dear Friend

                        You can find important information’s concerning the MIRA International Championships                                                                                                                                                        

                        2009  visit:





                         We are sure you will participate  in the championships.

                         We are looking forward to seeing you in Mira - Portugal, next July.


                         Best regards

                        José Tereso





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