Best Internat. San Sebastian – racer 2006 - 2007 - 2008


                                                               INTERNATIONAAL  BARCELONA 2008

                                              Barcelona Masters’ 2008

                                              Barcelona Masters’ 2007




  EMIEL DENYS - loft sent 25 pigeons (12 cocks and 13 hens) to Spain











In FONDCLUB BRUGGE 277 pigeons competing the result is as following:

 1st "EXPRESS BARCELONA 144" 3203144/03 1st nominated velocity 1050,79

 4th full sister "SILVER WING"

8th "GESCHELPTE KLEINE TEE"  2nd nominated

11th,12th,34,38,45,61,72,77,80,86,91 a total of 14 prizes out of 25 sent.

The 2nd prize is won by DEJAEGHER -DEVYLDER wiht a 100 O/O Denys -pigeon.

All 3 prizes of honour:

 1st prize, 1st nominated, 1st and 2nd nominated are all won by EMIEL DENYS

Champion "EXPRESS BARCELONA 144" is a real superstar; in the Fondclub he is winning from Barcelona

in 2006:6th prize

in 2007:2nd prize

in 2008:1st prize.

His father "EXPRESS BARCELONA"won 1st prize in 1999.

His grandfather,maternal side "KLEINE TEE" won 1st prize in 1997.

Now "EXPRESS BARCELONA" wins probably 74th National Barcelona.

He is really one of the best Belgium Barcelona pigeons for the last 3 years.


            Fondclub Wallonie 2008  







On October the 11th was the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the French long distance organizer ALC-CALC.The ceremony was held in the Espace Monet in Bourbourg.It was a great success:220 persons attended this superb dinner.

On this occasion the champions of San Sebastian International 2008  were honoured.

The Golden Ring was for Frans Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke ,won by a Denys-line pigeon

The Silver Ring was won by Ferdi Descheemaeker and son, by a hen, also winning 1st International hens.

The Bronze ring was won by the superstar"SILVER RING" of Emiel Denys.

The "Silver Ring" was also honoured as 1st International Ace pigeon San Sebastian 2006-2007-2008.

The member of Parliament,Jean-Pierre Decool presented the medal of the Assemblee Generale to André Coddeville, president of ALC-CALC and

to Mr.Dumont ,the foundator of the ALC.






                   EMIEL DENYS Wins 1ST INTERNATIONAL ST.VINCENT II   2008 against 1984 hens






















                                                                    The "JUDY" wins 1st International ST.VINCENT II


It is the 19th National/International victory for the Denys-family.

ST.VINCENT II has a very hard race due to the heath and thunderstorm."JUDY" got the victory at a velocity of 939 Meter per minute.

Emiel Denys sent a team of yearling hens and made a dream result: against 1984 hens he wins

1°9°37°74°84°90°93°99°144°186° etc.


International all over "Judy" wins 3rd position against 8629 birds.

"JUDY" B07-3007229 is a BC hen,and she was raced on a 3-day old baby.

Father:SUPER B99-3108240 excellent long distance racer up to Barcelona.

          won 60.NATIONAL BARCELONA 2003- 11806 birds.

Grandfather:BLAUWE PAU COUTTEAU B93-4554778 nestbrother to the other famous breeder "ADONIS"

                 he is also grandfather to "IRIS" 1.INTERNATIONAL SAN SEBASTIAN HENS 2003

                                                                8.INTERNATIONAL SAN SEBASTIAN          2003


Granddam:STERKE DUIVIN B89-4465363 scored 2 times top Barcelona and she is a daughter o the other GOLDEN PAIR:

               "LATE PRINS TEE" B88-4619969 X daughter MARSEILLE VANBRUAENE B83-3347375

Mother:SISTER SILVER RING B05-3005867

           a full sister to the wonderboy of the Denys-loft the "SILVER RING"B03-3203161


            3.INTERANTIONAL SAN SEBASTIAN 2008 and more INTERANTIONAL/NATIONAL topperformances

Grandfather:BROER LIBELLE B00-3100879 a full brother to "LIBELLE" 1.INTERNATIONAL SAN SEBASTIAN 2002

Granddam:"DAHLIA"B98-3288265 scored herself 2 X Barcelona.

                bloodlines:"ZWART MIENTJE" and "DALI"=(TEE-grandson")  




1.Prize is a 100 0/0 EMIEL DENYS-pigeon.

The International Nordseerennen in Germany is the oldest one-loft race in Europa.

The loft is situated on the island of SYLT in the Baltic sea.

In the final race the pigeons have to cross a lot of water.It always is a hard race ,due to to strong winds.

In 2008 there were participants from 9 countries including China and Hong Kong.

The 1ste prize was won by a cock S007-08-0818 from the Swedish partnership TOUAM-BEKMAN SG.

The father is  a direct EMIEL DENYS ,ringnumber  B04/3004529 a direct son of champion "WITTEBEK"B98/3288303 6.NATIONAL BARCELONA 13.161 birds in 2001

The mother is B01/3101489 ,also a direct EMIEL DENYS,a full sister to champion "LIBELLE" B00/3100465 1st INTERNATIONAL SAN SEBASTIAN 2002- 2549 birds




grandson  DENYS-pigeon "KLEINE TEE B94-3316198 the 7th International Barcelona 1997



 22.416 Birds competing The first National race in Holland was from Bergerac:the winner was a cock called the "BEAR" NL04-2035558 raced by PLEUN SLUIMER The father is a grandson, paternal line, of the famous DENYS-pigeon "KLEINE TEE B94-3316198 the 7th International Barcelona 1997. The "Bear" was the fastest from 22.416 birds competing, and the distance was 830 KM


















This year,due to circumstances, the pigeons had to be liberated a bit further so the flying distance was just over 1000 KMS

1st Prize was won by a pigeon called "ST.VINCENT" raced by FRANS and FRIEDA VANWILDEMEERSCH-VYNCKE   The father was a grandson of one of the Denys- pigeons basic pigeons, called  the "WITNEUS" 4499260/90


 The 3rd INTERNATIONAL was won by EMIEL DENYS  his superstar the  "SILVER RING" B03/3203161. This is now the 6th topperformance of this  outstanding small blue cockThe Denys-loft made an excellent performance:probably 8 prizes out of 10 sent. We hope it continues the same way.



                                         BOURGES NATIONAL 2008


















BOURGES at the end of July is the main race for the middle distance fanciers.

They challenge with young birds, yearlings and old birds.

Young birds  = 41.783

Yearlings     =  16.771

Old birds    =   11.875

The total number of competing pigeons was 70.429 birds.

The fastest pigeon was  B07-3108551 from Grymonprez Philip at a velocity of 1201,78 meter per minute.

The name of the pigeon is "MAURIZIO". He is a magnificent blue cock with silver eyes from the Gaby Vandenabeele and Janssen -bloodlines.

An EMIEL DENYS-strain cock called "ZWARTE BOURGES" B07-3052937, raced by HIMPE ROGER won

3.NATIONAL      BOURGES 16.771 yearlings.

1.PROVINCIAL   BOURGES    1.484 yearlings.

The "ZWARTE BOURGES" is of the line of the "KLEINE TEE" B 94-3361198 and "SCHONE ZWARTEN" B90-4499329





After the success in the MIRA-one loft race.Now in July was the competition of the FCI-races in Catalunya.

in the final race-410 KM- EMIEL DENYS's pigeons finished 2th,3th ,13th,32th etc.

This resulted in :1st, 3rd and 6th Ace pigeon.

The first Ace pigeon is NR. B08-3008238


Father:  "ADONIS 905”  B04-3004905 breeder



Grandfather:"ADONIS BARCELONA B96-3306306 6.NATIONAL BARCELONA 1999 13.966 birds

 Granddam: "GODIVA" B98-3288477 a direct daughter of KLEINE TEE

                 she won herself:31.National NARBONNE 8204 yl and 105th National Barcelona hens.

She is also dam of "Pearl St.Vincent"7.International St.Vincent 1876 yearlings

Dam:daughter LIBELLE"B06-3006982

Grandfather:BROER DONKERE ST.VINCENT B98-3288461 full brother to " DAHLIA"= a son of "ZWART MIENTJE"



  Due to this excellent result in FCI-CATALUNYA now EMIEL DENYS is NR.1 in the FCI-MUNDIAL RANKING.



                                                         MIRA  2008









 EMIEL DENYS :1st Belgium pigeon in MIRA-one loft race  2008

Dr.Tereso, president FCI,invited Emiel Denys to participate in the One loft race in MIRA-Portugal.

The one loft race is called GRAND PRIX GASPAR VILA NOVA.

In the final race he ended on the 18th position at a velocity of 879,364 meter per minute.

This was the 1st Belgian pigeon in this long list.

4000 visitors attended this very popular pigeon event in Portugal.

The National President of the Sportcommittee Johnny Goegebeur  represented the KBDB.

Emiel Denys is one of the greatest specialists in One-loft racing worldwide. 

1st Belgian pigeon 2008






Emiel Denys






                                Wonderfull start for the Denys-pigeon in the season 2008



         2.NATIONAL ST.VINCENT 28363 YEARLINGS 900 KM by HUBERT DEBAENE a 75 0 /0 DENYS-pigeon


The "SCHICHT ST.VINCENT" B07-3048542 is winning for Hubert Debaene:

2.NATIONAL ST.VINCENT 2008       8363 birds competing 900 KM


1.PROVINCIAL                                 2265 birds competing

1.FONDCLUB                                     221 birds competing.

The father is the "LATE WITSTAART"03-3180678 a grandson on paternal side of "MIELTJE",which is a direct son of the immortal "KLEINE TEE"  The dam of "LATE WITSTAART" is a full sister to 1st Provincial St;Vincent  2003-1144 birds a 100 0/ DENYS from the "ADONIS"-line" The mother is called "daughter Pyreneetje" B04-3134034."Pyreneetje Perpignan" won 1.Provincial Perpignan 841 yearlings competing, only day bird 940 KM. Both parents of "Pyreneetje" are direct EMIEL DENYS -pigeons.

The success-story of the Denys-pigeons continues.